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Emanating from Portsmouth UK, is Free From Gravity, a profound rock band formed by 5 distinctive musicians. The band renders a unique style of music in which they coined “Kick Assed Chilled Out Rock” – that’s Soft Rock With Attitude. The music created by Free From Gravity ranges from classic rock anthems to moving ballads, reflecting the uniqueness of sound and love for detail. The composition and blend of the band’s songs will keep your attention and a liberating sense of freedom from gravity will linger. Following the re-release of their single “The Long Road” on April 5th, Free From Gravity have performed at various venues and festivals in the UK such as Viking MC Rally, The Hoefest and most recently Walpole Park Music Madness.

The band’s latest EP “Saints and Sinners” was released in August 2016 consisting of 4 tracks, Crazy Lady, Dance With Me, Saints and Sinners and Step into the Sunlight. The tracks are a unique combination in the style of Pink Floyd, The Eagles and Meatloaf. The songs of the EP reflect various experiences in life, and the lyrics of each song tell a story. From connections with friends, and relationships with people, challenges faced in life and providing a helping hand to persons in need. The lyrical compositions were written through the life of lead singer/songwriter, Vince Barnes himself, and with deep thought, emotional expressions and symbolic encounters, “Saints and Sinners” is only the foundation of the journey. The uplifting verses, the melodic structuring of the instruments and the soulfulness of the songs within the EP are what set it apart from everything else.

Free From Gravity has come a long way, and more is yet to be revealed. Their album is set to be released in May 2017, and following that, they will be touring in promotion of their album.

Another inspirational track will be released early in 2017, entitled “Tea, Coffee or Something” reflecting the story of homeless individuals that just needed a helping hand, and perhaps a little bit of time. Helping the homeless serves great importance to the members of Free From Gravity, and they will be on tour for the “Tea, Coffee or Something” single during the first quarter of 2017.

In the meantime, look out for their Xmas single “I’ll Be Home For Xmas Day” which is set to release in November this year.

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